Website Maintenance

Have one Less Thing to Worry About. We are Happy Maintaining your Websites

Websites are like people. It doesn't take them long to lose their bells and whistles. They need continuous content updates, design tweaks and content optimizations. It's 8 hours you have, either you can waste your knacks in maintaining your website, or you can spend these 8 hours on more business critical tasks. There is even a better solution – Let us Maintain Your Website

We Care for you and that's why we plan for you.

Based on amount of work, we have built our website maintenance programs over 'as needed – when needed' basis. Maintenance might include regular content updates, search engine optimization or even product updates. For more comprehensive changes such as adding new pages, complete new design work or new tools integrations, we encourage our clients to hire our resources even at monthly or quarterly basis.

Our Website Maintenance plans can be followed as below:

“It's easy to write the numbers but hard to achieve”