We supply top quality technology consulting resources to our clients enabling them to outsource specific functions at a much reduced cost.


1- Fixed Time / Fixed Price

It's 'Go n Fetch' risk-averse model where you hand us project requirements and we deliver you the solutions on time, in budget.

How it works: projects' deliverables, milestones and timelines, and then communication protocols are finalized, a team with a project manager is assigned to the project.

Project Manager is a key figure in this model who handles everything from resource delegation to milestones achievement and continuous client interaction. Your personal involvement in this model is much more than other models; however, flexibility in terms of updating an ongoing project's requirements is quite limited, only to keep projects within budgets and timelines.

What You Get:

  • Risk-averse project development
  • Continuous Project Reporting
  • Delivery within stipulated time-frame
  • Controlled costs of the project

2- Time & Material

This is based on the cost incurred by resource utilization within a particular time period. This model gives clients 'the greater' flexibility to change and improvise ongoing projects' specifications and deliverables.

How it works: This delivery model best suits complex projects which involve comprehensive research, business analysis, visual mapping, solution definition and project documentation.

This model can be adapted any time from pre or post specification and design phase. Projects that this model entertains come with varying scopes due to which exact time and cost estimation is a complex task. Our system analysts work in close collaboration with clients in order to define a realistic ticketing system based on project's complexity, proposed timelines, planned budget.

What You Get:

  • Greater flexibility to define and modify project scope
  • Continuous updates on process and progress to support clients plan forward to squeeze or expand the project
  • Optimized cost and timelines

3- Dedicated Development Team

Our most popular 'Dedicated Development Team' engagement model is built for dynamic companies, working on fairly continuously over variety of projects and with variety of technologies.

How it works: The model starts off with identification of clients' requirements in terms of project volume, complexity, technology and infrastructure. Based on these requirements, we provide our clients with the best trained resources.

As your business needs evolve you have the full freedom to change the strength of the team. The team will report directly and regularly to you and you have full control over all aspects of the project. We will monitor the project for quality standards and step in whenever necessary.For such dedicated relationships, we may implement customer specific quality/process frameworks trained for the specific needs of the Client.

What You Get:

  • Instant access to a versatile resource pool having expertise across a range of technologies and industry verticals
  • Access to experienced IT services at a predicable cost in predictable environments while focusing internal resources on strategic priorities
  • Optimized cost and timelines