Fast is our favorite speed. That's why we are Agile.

Agile is a free-spirited development methodology laid upon the ideas of short iterations, continuous inputs from clients, and instant flexibility to prioritize tasks. Our philosophy behind distributing Agile across SPARK IT HUB is to give our clients control of their projects and get the best of both, their budget and our skills..

Software Development isn't just easy breezy code n fix thing. It involves lots and lots of resource planning, tasks distribution and prioritization, vendor-client communication and all that's jazz. A single change in projects' charter can wholly affect project's timelines. That's nightmare to both project managers and clients. Regardless of how simple or complex project is, there needs to be a dependable framework which lets 'Work Happen' as it ideally should.

You see, that's what keeps most projects behind the tracks or worst fail to complete. Most common threats to Project's success include:

  • Continuous changes in projects' scope affecting projects' deliverables and timelines
  • Prolonged release cycles pushing pressure over developers, testers and managers to deliver code
  • Delayed feedback loop between Clients and IT Vendors resulting in unwanted deliverables
" When you work across multiple time zones with tight delivery schedules and a fluid business environment Distributed Agile is your one shot power injection to contented customers and buoyant bottom lines "

SPARK IT HUB & Agile Development

QuoteBuilding a co-located team that can successfully pull off Agile is challenging enough. Finding an outsourcing partner, often located thousands of miles away, rooted in a different culture and who can be trusted to understand your business challenges can seem to be a pipe dream.Quote

We understand Agile and outsourcing. Which is why when our clients reach us to outsource a part of their project and want it done using Agile techniques we

  • Take the time to understand the business pain the product is meant to resolve.
  • Establish clear lines of communications so that you know what we are doing, and communicate and update regularly
  • Set up clear roles and responsibilities for all team members.
  • Ask for and analyses feedback from your customers and incorporate it in the next release
  • Release on a fixed schedule, so that continuity and reliability is maintained
  • Share a daily or continuous build so that both your and our team is working on common code
  • Use the same ticket manager or bug tracker system that you use.

What's Agile To our Clients

To our clients, Agile means Total Control where they can change projects requirements as per their latest objectives, stay involved and included in projects' progressive roadmap, and recommend and finalize their projects baselines in their very own fashion.
In summary:

  • Project requirements are fashioned to latest market trends and needs. New features are easily added into projects' charter without really disturbing the project's flow
  • Instant and continuous feedback is maintained through Sprints, allowing clients to review the functionalities and approve or disapprove them accordingly
  • Time & budget are controlled through quick and short development cycles.