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Ecommerce has evolved past complex digital market place where off-the-shelve ecommerce solutions just don't always meet your operational requirements or your budgets. You need something better, something creative and yet something exceptionally affordable. That's exactly what our ecommerce solutions mean to our clients. We are a smarter species of ecommerce, built around veteran business consultants and savvy technology analysts committed to creating consumer-like ecommerce solutions for B2B and B2C businesses alike. Deep experience, adherence to best practices, and expertise across the ecommerce ecosystem enable us to deliver better ROI from your critical technology investments.




We are an ecommerce solutions company and strategy informs everything we do for clients. From dynamic conversations about how their business ticks and what their customers need, we set the battle plan for ecommerce that includes everything from Business Assessment, Platform Selection, Ecommerce Planning, data modeling and project roadmaps to RFP generation.

We know our way pretty well around the technology. We engineer ecommerce solutions that enhance and mold off-the-shelf software to meet our clients' unique business requirements and then move whole technology ecosystem into ecommerce solution, by integrating the ecommerce platform with internal enterprise systems and 3rd party applications.


We don't build ecommerce websites only. We build ecommerce businesses actually, by providing our clients smooth transition from ecommerce implementation to post-launch enhancements along with whole range of value added services including back office management and marketing and promotions campaigns. This is what we call Worry Free ecommerce.


We're Magento aficionados and
purveyors of unrivalled
digital design.

Prepare your business for the evolving world
of eCommerce with our Magento Development

  • Custom Responsive Design
  • Back office Administration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Integrations & Customizations
  • Mobile Commerce
Custom Responsive
Custom Responsive Design

Fully customized user interface, intuitive navigation, consistent brand experience across all devices

As Magento eCommerce specialists, our creative team fundamentally understands nuances of designing for ecommerce environments. With our Responsive ecommerce Design, we seamlessly sync your channels to deliver an optimized brand experience across entire brand-customer touch points around all devices.

Our ecommerce designs are tailored to fit across every device.

  • Resolution independence, fully responsive
  • Iphone/ipad/Android/Windows Phone/Blackberry Supported
  • Neat and Clean UI/UX
  • Dynamic Product Displays
  • Product Image Enhancements
  • Fast Checkouts
Back office Administration
Back office Administration

Control Design, create product catalogues, set up checkout, payments and Localize shipments

Mind your ecommerce business your way. We specialize in customizing form and functionality of front and back end of magento ecommerce stores, allowing you to trade effectively online. Be it ecommerce design, product displays, payment gateways, customer profiling and order processing or any other complex labor, we make it easy 'single click effort'.

  • Site Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Online Store Management (ebay, Amazon, Newegg, Rakuten)
  • ERP/CMS Systems
  • Shipment & Fulfillment
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Customer Accounts Management
  • Marketing Management (Campaigns Set ups)
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Easily create, automate and measure engaging marketing campaigns across your ecommerce store

By automating marketing across entire ecommerce store, we empower our clients with unique flexibility to quickly launch highly targeted campaigns across ecommerce store and generate more revenue with less manual effort. This is the ease and speed which you need to ensure that you never outgrow the ecommerce system or run into roadblocks.

  • Featured Products, Promotions and discounts and Upselling
  • Automated Follow up emails
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Coupons & Vouchers
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
Integrations & Customization
Integrations & Customization

Add-ons/Extensions Development, Custom Interfaces, Systems Integrations.

With all that flexibility that comes with the Magento, it is a perfect platform for creating complex, multi-faceted integrations and customizations. Whether it's adding a new payment gateway, changing order management providers, integrating ERP systems, rolling out that shiny new must-have 3rd party application, or building custom modules to meet unique business needs, we are here to help you with everything around the clock.

  • Magento Admin Extensions
  • Magento Front-End Extensions
  • Enhanced Catalog Features

*And if there isn't a module available to suit your needs, we'll create you one. That's called Custom

Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce

Platform compatibility, consistent brand experience, smart browsing, easy search, quick product purchases and fast checkout.

Mobile matters. Magento's adaptability is just as yielding on a mobile platform. Utilising responsive design we ensure the most important functions of your website are visible when accessed from a mobile or tablet. Our magento masters will optimize your platform across multiple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad, Windows and Blackberry.

  • IPhone/iPad/Android/Windows/Blackberry Supported
  • Resolution independence, fully responsive
  • HTML 5 Technology
  • Fast category selection, no page reloads
  • Newsletter subscription from homepage
  • Ability to switch to desktop version
  • Multipage support
  • Instant search from any page
  • Instant add to cart, no page reloads
  • Cart access from everywhere
  • Slide your finger over the items to view options
  • Neat and clear checkout layout


Designed To Meet Your Every Requirement Within Budget


Design Style

Design Process

Custom Features


Design integration with scripts

Upfront Payment

Custom Features

Help Documents &
User Guides

eCommerce Package

Ready Theme Customized

Client provides reference URLs, SparkIthub team does the research for matching themes availble and 2-4 ready theme options are sent to client for approval and suggestions

Ready theme approved by client is implemented with modifications suggested by client.

Default features available in the selected open source eCommerce system

2-5 DaysTurnround

50% Upfront

Complete source code delivered to client


eCommerce Package

Custom Design based on client requirements and suggestions

Client provides initial layout & design ideas

SparkIthub develops 2-3 layouts with furnished ideas

Acutal design is built around one of the approved wireframe

Upto 20 hours of custom programming work included.

10-15 Days Turnround

50% Upfront

Complete source code delivered to client

Help file prepared to explain the most used features in backend. Clients can send in their queries anytime within 1 month after the delivery of the project.

eCommerce Package

Custom Design based on client requirements and suggestions fromSparkIthub Team of UI/UX Experts

Client provides list of competitors

SparkIthub does extensive research and develops 3-5 layouts utilizing its industry experience and latest trends.

Actual design is built around one of the approved wireframe

Upto 100 hours of custom programming work included.

25-30 Days Turnround

25% Upfront

Complete source code delivered to client.

Help file prepared to explain the most used features in backend. Clients can send in their queries anytime within 1 month after the delivery of the project.


We aren't done yet. We've got as much to offer you as much you would ever need.

Product Management


In ecommerce, product display makes all the difference. Presenting a product with right description, specs, appealing title and sharp images can take conversion rate from bottom to top. While managing your ecommerce website, we do all the magic with your products, including
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Attributes (Category, Price, Color, Manufacturer etc.)
  • Product descriptions
  • Multiple HQ Product Images
  • Product Listing Optimization
Plan and Execute

eCommerce SEO &
Lead Generation

Got an ecommerce, shopping carts, payment gateways and all things ready. What next? Get more exposure to traffic, customers and sales from organic and referral search. Our ecommerce SEO is tailored to do exactly this by:
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • PPC Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Email/Newsletter Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Analytics & Reporting
Lead Generation

Market Place

Big part of ecommerce revenue hinges upon multi-channel sales. The Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Newegg, Rakuten (formerly, and Sears are just five of the many marketplaces that retailers might expand on to in 2014. Let us take care of:
  • Market Place Accounts Set ups (ebay, Amazon, Google Market)
  • Inventory Management
  • Search Optimization
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Optimization
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Because, We Mean Business.

Magento Focused

100% Magneto Focused

eCommerce is our passion. Magento is our focus. With a large team of ecommerce professionals, supervised by dedicated Agile Project Managers, we deliver most flexible ecommerce solutions to all types of businesses.
On-Side SEO

eCommerce Branding

Good branding creates an emotional connection with your audience and infuses in them that all-important aspect of e-commerce: trust. We can help you put it all together to elevate your brand through the digital channel, and beyond.
On-Side SEO

User Centered UI/UX

Each UI/UX we create is a result of our strong creative process in action. And we do so by making use of the extensive features and functions of Magento, to deliver compelling and engaging experiences.
Research & Analysis

Unique Content Strategy

Design seduces, UI/UX enables and encourages, and finally it's content that converts. We'll help you outsoar (or discover) your brand's voice in ways that connect with your audience(s) and increase customer engagement.
On-Side SEO

Technology-led Solutions

Our imagination knows no limits, but we don't design in a vacuum. Every design decision we make takes the underlying technology into account, because pushing creative boundaries shouldn't come at the expense of site performance.
On-Side SEO

Responsive Design

We were and still are among the leading ecommerce companies managing responsive ecommerce sites, by refining and improving solutions that allow customers to complete their goals across all and any devices.