Project Management

IT Projects involve huge amounts of time, effort and money. Don't you want to get the best bang against your bucks and clock?

IT Project Management.there is nothing glamorous about it. Unlike traditional project management, our IT projects are marred with impending host of constraints including high speed, high change, high costs and high complexity. A single constraint gone out of balance and we are done. Doomed that's it.

True, there are infinite reasons why IT projects fail. But, what else is project management about if not to handle them and solve them?

Successful IT Project Management combines superior business intelligence and solid technology expertise. We have both, years long cross-indsutry experience and technology expertise -- putting us in an ideal position to help you better manage your projects: define projects' charter, baseline, phasing and then provide efficient tools, technologies and teams needed to deliver your projects in robust and scalable IT solution.

At sparkithub, we are everything for 'Just Get it Done', no matter how complex be the requirements and how short be the timelines. We don't believe in traditional, worn out and bound to fail project management methodologies. Each of our clients brings new requirements, new challenges and new opportunities. Instead, it's important for us to assess our clients' requirements against different project methodologies and then decide which tools and technologies, processes and people can best serve project requirements in time and in budget.

Yes, we have our favorites. Agile is our favorite Development Process and JIRA ATLASSIAN is our favorite management tool.

We are built around leadership team comprising technology analysts, solution architects, business consultants, software developers and project managers and together, we all help our clients 'see the unforeseen' and adapt their projects to it accordingly, while least compromising over their projects' tactical, functional and financial aspects. We manage complete IT project management and deliver end-to-end solutions including evaluating, design and implementing enterprise IT infrastructures and business applications.

We understand that planning is critical to the success of a project. We view project management from the top down and take into account the organization's key strategic objectives for an engagement.

Over last 8 years, we have built cutting edge extranets, intranets, web apps, CRMs, mobility solutions, ecommerce stores and have implemented them across wide range of business units including HR, Finance, Accounts and Sales units. Our professional project management services extend to:

It's easy to write the numbers but hard to achieve