Digital Strategy

'With 8 years of digital leadership, we provide our clients with all the expertise, talent and intelligence they need to establish and expand their brand across web and mobile media.

'Digital' is all about an opportunity to turn your small brands into big brands and your big brands into even bigger brands - only through well conceived digital strategies and campaigns resulting in increased brand exposure, customer engagement and demand creation.

We SAY NO to template-fashioned strategies -- And that's why we deliver the results

No day is essentially the same at Spark IT Hub, but our big part of our day is spent while working with our clients, helping them create high-performing /low cost digital strategies and campaigns across web and mobile media. Each of our clients have different business vision, goals and opportunities and challenges, which in turn require equially unique and innovative solutions. We make sure that their efforts and resources don't fall by the way side, by leading them the right ways.

Every new project we take, we follow a close cooperation with the client - typically a small team of like-minded senior people within our clients' organization - to develop a High Impact Digital Strategy which we divide into 4 core phases.

"It's easy to write the numbers but hard to achieve"